10 Resources for Understanding TBRI®

by Emmelie Pickett

Professionals and parents who are first learning about TBRI® often ask us, “Where do I start?” We’ve created numerous resources (many of them free!) to help anyone serving children from hard places develop a better understanding of Trust-Based Relational Intervention®. Here are ten of our favorites:

1. TBRI® Animate Video

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This animated video answers the question, “What is TBRI®?” in just over 3 minutes. Start here for a simple overview of TBRI® and the importance of holistic, trauma-informed intervention.

2. The Connected Child

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We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our book, The Connected Child. This book was written with adoptive families in mind, but it’s concepts apply to all kinds of human relationships. Chapter 4 is available for free download on our website.

3. Trust-Based Parenting video

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Trust-Based Parenting is the most comprehensive of our video resources. Spanning nearly four hours in length, this video gives practical TBRI® tips and real-life examples of dealing with difficult behaviors. We recommend watching this video by chapter in short sessions rather than watching the whole video in one sitting.

4. TBRI®: An Overview video

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For someone who is brand new to TBRI®, this 37-minute video is a great place to start. Featuring footage from our most popular videos, this title is an excellent overview of TBRI® and gives a glimpse of our other Healing Families videos.


5. An Introduction to TBRI® video

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This hour lecture from Dr. Purvis gives the fundamentals of trauma and its impact on children. This introduction video also presents a summary of the TBRI® Principles and Strategies.



6. TBRI®: A Systemic Approach to Complex Developmental Trauma

open access article

This article provides a comprehensive overview of TBRI® that includes scientific and anecdotal evidence of the intervention’s efficacy.

7. TBRI® for Teens Video

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One of the most common questions we receive is, “Will TBRI® work on my teenager?” This video documents a TBRI® Summer Camp for teens and gives a fresh perspective on connecting with tough-to-reach teens.


8. Trust-Based Caregiving: A TBRI® Pocket Guide

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This short guide can serve as an overview for a TBRI® novice, or a “cheat sheet” for an expert. Its color-coded, laminated pages make the guide both durable and easy to navigate.


9. Children from Hard Places & the Brain

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Children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and/or trauma have dramatic differences in their brain chemistry. Professionals and parents alike find help in this easy-to-understand video that presents the complex subject of brain development in lay terms.


10. child.tcu.edu

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Our website is the hub of all of the resources mentioned on this post. You can also find information about our trainings and events.