Yohannes’ Story

The TBRI® Podcast | Season 3, Episode 7

Last week we heard from Dr. Melody Aguayo about parenting in the trenches. Today, we hear from her son, Yohannes Aguayo. Yohannes is an alumnus of our Hope Connection Camp and joins us on the podcast today to share his experience growing up in his family, his struggles, and his experience as an adopted person.


Seeing the Real Child with Dr. Melody Aguayo

The TBRI® Podcast | Season 3, Episode 6

Dr. Melody Aguayo is a wife, a mom, and a parent consultant for overwhelmed parents who are looking for support and solutions to navigate their parenting journey. Melody is a longtime friend of the Institute. She is both a TBRI Practitioner and an alumnae of our Hope Connection Camp. Today we’ll hear a little about her TBRI journey, some insights about implementing TBRI in a family setting, and a little more about her professional work. Whether you’re listening as a parent, or as a professional, this conversation has something for you today.


Foster the Family with Jamie Finn

The TBRI® Podcast | Season 3, Episode 5

Today’s conversation is just in time for National Foster Care Month. Jamie Finn is the author of the book, Foster the Family, founder of the Foster the Family Organization, and a sought after speaker for foster and adoption conferences and events. Her popular social media accounts offer a glimpse into the real life of a foster parent and provide encouragement to thousands of foster parents. Jamie recently became a TBRI Practitioner and sat down with our host, Sarah Mercado, to chat about foster care, shifting our parenting paradigms, and TBRI. 


Kayla Thomas Receives Child Development Award

Graduating Senior, Kayla Thomas, holds the plaque which lists the recipients of the Karyn Purvis Award for Outstanding Achievement

Graduating Senior Kayla Thomas (Child Development, BS and Biology, BA) is the 2022 Recipient of the Karyn Purvis Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Established in 2020, the Karyn Purvis Award for Outstanding Achievement is given to an undergraduate and/or graduate student who has made significant contribution to the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development (KPICD) through education, outreach, or research and exhibits the potential to change the world for children.

Kayla Thomas presents her research at the Michael and Sally McCracken Annual Student Research Symposium

During her time in the TCU Child Development Program, Kayla volunteered for ACH Child and Family Services, predominantly in the Youth in Families Together Program by facilitating TBRI Nurture Groups. Kayla was also selected as a 2022 Departmental Senior Scholar through the TCU Department of Psychology. She is a student of the John V. Roach Honors College, a McNair Program Scholar, and a STEM Scholar. Kayla is also active in her sorority and is a hip-hop dancer.

Kayla’s contributions and achievements go beyond TCU. She founded of the mentoring program, Molding Melanin Magic, which serves minority high school students who want to attend college and enter the STEM Field. She recruited TCU student mentors and met with high school youth every month to discuss topics such as the college application process, financial aid, mental health, and healthy relationships. Kayla also developed a sustainability plan so the program can continue beyond her graduation this month.

“While Kayla is highly accomplished academically, what stands out most to me is her geniuine sense of compassion, her dedication to
helping others, and the careful detail she puts into everything,” says Dr. Casey Call, KPICD Associate Director of Education. “She is a joy to be around and inspires others to be better.”

Kayla plans to pursue medical school in the future.



The Impact of Trauma in War with Raya Shelashska

The TBRI® Podcast | Season 3, Episode 4

Today’s guest is Raya Shelashska, a TBRI Practitioner and a PhD candidate and Research Assistant here at our Institute at TCU. Raya currently lives here with her family, in Fort Worth, TX, as she’s completing her PhD, but her home is Ukraine. Since the war broke out in February, Raya’s studies have shifted to helping her people through her clinical experience and trauma research background. Our host, Sarah Mercado, sat down with Raya to talk about the trauma of war and what she’s doing to help.


Transforming Cultures of Care: Jefferson County, TX

by: Megan Austin

Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) encourages caregivers and service providers to address the needs of the whole child. This means considering the behaviors, emotions, relationships, thoughts, environment, and physiology of children and youth. This holistic approach to addressing trauma naturally requires a multi-systemic approach. Ideally, all systems, institutions, organizations, and individuals that impact the life of a child would be on the same page about what that child needs to heal and thrive.

Through a project funded by the Office of the Texas Governor, the KPICD began working with the Southeast Texas community, primarily in Jefferson County, in 2018 to train various organizations and service sectors in TBRI. This 8-minute mini-documentary illustrates how various organizations can collaborate to bring TBRI to their community, and how various service sectors can utilize TBRI with different populations to ultimately change the culture of care of the community to one that focuses on effectively the meeting the complex needs of children, youth, and families.

Preoccupied Attachment with Dr. Jamie DeLuna

The TBRI® Podcast | Season 3, Episode 3

Today we are continuing the conversation with Dr. Jamie DeLuna about Adult Attachment patterns. Last week we talked about Dismissive Attachment in adults, and this week we’re diving into the Preoccupied/Entangled Attachment pattern. Our host Sarah and Jamie talk about what this pattern looks like in adulthood, how it shows up in caregiving, and how to become mindful about attachment and move toward security.


Dismissive Attachment with Dr. Jamie DeLuna

The TBRI® Podcast | Season 3, Episode 2

Today we are excited to welcome Dr. Jamie DeLuna back to the podcast for more conversation about adult attachment.  For many years, Jamie was a research scientist for TCU’s Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development who specialized in administering and the Adult Attachment Interview. Dr. DeLuna has administered thousands of interviews and she speaks with so much wisdom and nuance on the topic of adult attachment. Jamie recently moved into a new role outside of the institute, but she was kind enough to join us for two more episodes. Today you’ll hear a conversation about dismissive attachment, and then next week we’ll continue with a conversation about ambivalent attachment.


TBRI® & Autism with Family Initiative

The TBRI® Podcast | Season 3, Episode 1

Today we’re kicking off season three  with Anjali Van Drie and David Brown from Family Initiative, a nonprofit organization in South Florida providing clinical and support services for at-risk children and children on the Autism Spectrum. David and Anjalie are the co-founders and and President and Vice President (respectively) of Family Initiative where they work closely with individuals with autism, at-risk children, foster families, community stakeholders, provider agencies, and local and state government to develop and grow support and clinical programs for the community

Our host Sarah Mercado sat down with Anjalie and David to talk about how TBRI can be used with autistic children. If you’ve ever wondered if TBRI can or should be used with the autistic community, this episode is for you. 


TBRI® Practitioner Training: July 2022

Click here to apply

The Purvis Institute is currently accepting applications for TBRI® PractitionerTraining.

This core training experience is designed to prepare professionals working with children, families, and in systems of care impacted by trauma. After successful completion of the TBRI® Practitioner Training, all TBRI® Practitioners may train within their organization using the TBRI® Caregiver Training Package.

Application Period: February 9 – 23, 20222. Notices of acceptance and regret will be sent on March 1, 2022.

Training dates: July 18-22, 2022 (asynchronous online training will occur in the 10 weeks prior to these dates)

Tuition for this training session is $3,500 USD. Please note that phase II of this training occurs in person in Hancock County, MS.