TBRI® Practitioner Online Training: May 2021

UPDATE: The application period for this training has ended. Please check our website and social media channels for information about upcoming training events.

The Purvis Institute is currently accepting applications for TBRI® Practitioner Online Training.

This core training experience is designed to prepare practitioners for working with children, families, and in systems of care impacted by trauma. After successful completion of the TBRI® Practitioner Training, all TBRI® Practitioners may train within their organization using the TBRI® Caregiver Training Package.

Application Period: December 8 – 29, 2020. Notices of acceptance and regret will be sent on January 12, 2021.

Training dates: May 17-21, 2021 (asynchronous online training will occur in the 10 weeks prior to these dates)

Tuition for this training session is $2,500 USD. Please note that this training session takes place exclusively online.


TBRI Animate: Human Trafficking

“Relationship-based trauma must be healed relationally.”

– Dr. Karyn Purvis

Over the past twenty years, our institute has seen TBRI®, applied across various communities of care and practice. Through a partnership with the Office of the Texas Governor Child Sex Trafficking Team, our Institute is currently involved in a statewide project focused on implementing TBRI with professionals who support survivors of sex-trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation.


Connected Educators Episode 8

Andi West

We continue our series on Connected Educators with Sarah Mercado, and Andi West, who serves as Mental Health Coordinator with the Coeur d’Alene School District in North Idaho. In this role, Andi plans and facilitates district wide implementation of social and emotional learning and trauma sensitive practices. Andi is a TBRI Practitioner, TBRI Mentor and the co-founder of the North Idaho Trauma Care Collaborative. Andi’s passion for helping children feel safe really comes through in this episode, and we’re so happy she could share her wisdom with us. (more…)

Connected Educators Episode 7

Amy Abell

Episode 7 of our Connected Educators series features a conversation with Amy Abell, who is a TBRI Practitioner, TBRI Mentor, and the owner of HopeAlight, LLC. This conversation is full of compassion for teachers, administration, students, and parents as we all try to navigate the start of school this year. Amy gives practical tips on how to apply trust-building, connected strategies with every person in the school system, resulting in a cohesive, trauma-informed learning environment. (more…)

Connected Educators, Episode 6: Kristy Hernandez

Kristy Hernandez

Episode 6 of our Connected Educators series features a conversation with Kristy Hernandez, who serves as the Director of Student Services for Moore Public Schools in Moore, OK. Kristy talks about creating felt-safety with staff and students around COVID-19, and also gives great tips for meeting sensory needs while social distancing. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Kristy! (more…)

Connected Educators, Episode 1

Trauma-Informed Classrooms with Dr. Casey Call

This episode kicks off our first series: Connected Educators. We’ll talk with teachers, school counselors, administrators, and parents about the importance of creating a connected, trauma-informed classroom, especially in light of the back to school season during a pandemic. From virtual learning to socially distanced in-person instruction, fostering rich connections in the classroom is more important than ever.