Free Download: TBRI® Lock Screen Reminders

by: Emmelie Pickett

In honor of her birthday, we’ve taken some of our favorite quotes from Dr. Purvis and made them into images for your smart phone’s lock screen. Feel free to download and save these to your smart phone as a quick reminder to connect with the children in your life. 

12 Responses to “Free Download: TBRI® Lock Screen Reminders”

  1. Ashley Davis

    I love TBRI and use it in my private practice in Kearney, Nebraska!!

  2. Nancy Preston

    I love these beautiful quotes!! Thank you so much for this kind opportunity!

  3. Karen Furman

    These are lovely! Thank you for such a thoughtful gesture! <3

  4. Donna Gates

    Thank you for sharing these lovely gems from Karyn’s legacy to us!

  5. Virginia Ross

    I changed computers and came back to get this screen saver. I don’t know how to download it. It doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Please help?

  6. Amy

    Hello! I would like to receive info I can share on social media please.

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