GIVEAWAY: The Connected Parent

Update: This giveaway is closed and winners have been notified. Thank you for your support of The Connected Parent!

Today marks one year since the publication of The Connected Parent!

Co-authored by Lisa Qualls, The Connected Parent is the last written work of our founder, Dr. Karyn Purvis.

To celebrate the first “book birthday” of the Connected Parent, we’re giving away five copies. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.* We’ll randomly select five winners at noon CT on July 8, 2021.


* One entry per person
* Giveaway copies are paperback
* Giveaway closes at 11:59 am CT on July 8, 2021
* This giveaway is sponsored by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

377 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: The Connected Parent”

  1. Emily Vesper

    So grateful for all the work Dr. Purvis did during her life. We miss her incredible wisdom and huge heart for kids from hard places and their families

  2. Lynae Thiel

    This has been on my wish list! I need help in this area!

  3. Jaime Beck

    Her books and videos have been very helpful to our family.

  4. Travis Cheatham

    We’re fostering a boy with a lot of trauma right now and would love the extra incite.

  5. Whitney Jordan

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this book!

  6. Emma-Jayne williams

    This looks like an amazing addition to my library.

  7. Anteelah

    I really love the work that you all are doing. Keep it up!

  8. Haddie Mashburn

    I loved reading the Connected Child! It has been so helpful as a caseworker! I am sure that the Connected Parent will be just as resourceful when I work with families!

  9. Erin Hoffman

    Would love to read and apply this book to my life to better our fostering journey. Thank you!

  10. Courtney Ellis

    Yay! As a school counselor and adoptive parent, I would love this!

  11. Beth

    Wonderful Institute. Thank you for helping children from hard places.

  12. Cathy

    I’ve heard so many good things about this book, I’ve been wanting to get it but have not had the chance to yet. I would love to win this!

  13. Alex Putthoff

    I’m just becoming familiar with TBRI, and as a foster care case manager I’m hopeful to begin sharing TBRI knowledge with my bio and foster parents!

  14. Anne Navarrette

    Love this book! Great resource and every parent needs one!

  15. Bekah Cotten

    I would love a copy of this book! I’m in the process of becoming a casa with hopes of fostering down the line!

  16. Kristen Adams

    I do a lot of work with parents around using TBRI strategies with teens. Excited to read this book! I missed it when it came out a year ago.

  17. Melissa

    Thank you for carrying on the work of Dr. Purvis. Her many videos have helped our family tremendously. We only recently purchased The Connected Child and would love to add this book to our toolbox as well.

  18. Beth Brodibe

    I am a student at Regent University preparing to become a LMFT. I would love to win a copy!

  19. Melissa Schol

    Always learning how to be a better parent and human.

  20. Stephanie

    I would be really interested in owning a copy! Thanks for your work.

  21. Laura

    Thank you! I lent my copy and it is long gone. Probably time to read it again.

  22. Lauren Kasper

    I wish I had known who Karyn Purvis was while she was alive, so I could thank her for her incredible work. TBRI and The Connected Child have been instrumental in changing the way I see my role as a parent, and helping me connect with my children. Thank you so much for all you continue to do.

  23. Andrea Fiumano

    I would love a copy of the Connected Parent. Hoping it will be helpful to our family created through foster care adoptions. Thanks!

  24. Ashlea

    So thankful that even though Dr. Purvis isn’t with us anymore, we still get to read more of her words. She was one of the best professors I ever had and I’m thankful for another opportunity to learn from her.

  25. Michele Andreina

    Her books have been instrumental in teaching my class.

  26. Lori Ola

    My child was recently diagnosed with RAD. I am praying that God will heal her heart and protect our family through this time.

  27. Rivkah Tuttle

    Thanks for the giveaway, I would love a copy!

  28. Shauna Spoede

    Would love a copy of the connected parent. Happy anniversary!

  29. Michelle Brown

    I love using these ideas in my classroom and in home!

  30. Leah Elizabeth Levy

    I love all things that educate and value the significance of attachment. This book sounds like an incredible resource to help equip caregivers to do so!

  31. Julie Salwasser

    Just became a stay at home parent and would love this book. 🙂

  32. Lydia Burris

    I would love to have this book as a respite foster parent who is about to give birth to our first child this month! Love your work.

  33. Susan Cawood

    I am a CASA volunteer and have at least two current foster/kinship parents who I’m certain would learn a lot from this book and I would love to read it before them.

  34. Jennifer Turner

    Would love to win a copy and add it my professional library of resources to help children and families!!!

  35. Kelsey Summers

    My husband and I are foster parents and LOVED The Connected Child. This new book would be a wonderful resource in our home.

  36. Levi Campbell

    Would love a paper copy of this book to lend to caregivers I work with!

  37. Jenni

    Looking forward to reading this! I really enjoy Lisa Qualls’ podcast.

  38. Sonja

    I have been reading the connected child and look forward to reading the connected parent as well!

  39. Jessica Wasserman

    Loved the Connected Child!! It literally saved lives of the parents and children I work with in such deeply traumatized communities. It would be so wonderful to be able to read the Connected Parent, and empower and guide those who most need it x

  40. Rachel Paashaus

    May we not lose heart in helping heal ourselves and others.

  41. Melissa Andrews

    I love everything that Karyn Purvis has done and The Connected Parent is on my reading list.

  42. Danine Goforth

    This would help so much with AS12. Life is so hard right now

  43. Michaela Rothe

    Hello, I’m a Licensed Counselor for a rural school district. I’m looking to connect more with the parents of my students. In my county we have very limited resources for professional parent intervention and support. I’ve taken the online TBRI course offered through my district and loved it. I’m looking forward to learning more.

  44. Jessica Ewing

    Loved “The Connected Child” and excited about this book too.

  45. Barb Stephens

    I need all the help I can get! Would love to be entered into the raffle for the book!

  46. Andy Fruge

    Look forward to reading this regardless if I win the free copy. I just loved Karyn and her work. She was a God-send! She provided hope to adoptive families and the children who experienced it!

  47. Susan Guntz

    I keep giving my copies away and have found myself without one again!! Need it badly as we parent our three adopted children and continue to parent our “growns”!

  48. Ashley Digan

    I am a Program Director at a foster care and adoption agency. I have read the Connected Child many times and use it as a training resource for foster parents. Would love to have a copy of Connected Parent to share with foster parents as well.

  49. Noelle adams

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve wanted to read this for a while!

  50. Jenn T

    I’d love to read this and add to my collection 🙂

  51. Tami Canada

    I’m raising 3 adopted children with attachment disorders. I would love this book!♥️

  52. Kate

    This is a timely post. My kids would benefit from me reading this one ♥️

  53. Tameka Caldwell

    I would love to win this book! I work closely with families and have read and referred the Connected Child book multiple times. Thank you!

  54. Bridget Pfeil

    I work in Children’s Ministry and value Karen Purvis’s work. Our team learns and trains based on her tools.

  55. Stephanie Newenhisen

    We have been preparing for adoption for 3 years, trying to soak up and learn everything we can, and become who we need to be for our son, age 6 — hoping to bring him home this fall. Thank you for all you do to help us help our kids!

  56. Rosemary de Kock

    Yay! Exceptional book – listened to it twice, but looking forward to reading it in hard copy too!!

  57. Kate

    The Connected Child has been an integral part of our parent education as we proceed through the adoption process. I am excited to read this book too!

  58. Kim Edwards

    The parenting journey is hard. We are always striving to do what is best yet often feel like we’re failing. Keep learning and loving.

  59. Ellen

    Would love to have a hard copy of this book to use in my counseling practice!

  60. Roteasha

    I would love a copy. Would be very helpful for the clients and families I serve.

  61. Melanie Holley

    Love TBRI and this would book is an asset to anyone using TBRI. Would love to have this book.

  62. Jeremy Richard

    This book would help me to provide more training material to my CASA Volunteers and will help me become a better parent facilitator. It would definitely help personally as well!

  63. Meig Hunter

    What a great resource to have in your home library!

  64. pat neidow

    TBRI seminar was life changing for me, for viewing children with behaviors differently, and even how to view adults who act badly (including myself at times), and helps inform, and grace enter with thoughts of a possible past of trauma for children and adults alike. All teachers, parents, people who touch children’s lives could benefit.

  65. Marie Naylor

    My family has benefited so much from the teachings of Dr Purvis… thank you

  66. Svetlana

    As a new child therapist I have been wanting to read this!

  67. Lisa Buck

    My counselor told me to buy this book, but I’ve bought a million. So this would be great to win.

  68. Kelly

    So thankful for the work of Dr Karen Purvis. My son’s life has been changed with TBRI. Can’t wait to read, “The Connected Parent.”

  69. Jenna Rauwerda

    This has been on my list for a long time! Would love to win a copy.

  70. Bobbi-Lynn Palmer

    I love the work that Dr. Purvis has done! I use her techniques with the families that I work with. I would love to win this book.

  71. Toni Langlitz

    Heard a lot about this book but have not had a chance to read it. Would love a copy to read and pass on…

  72. Laura Patterson

    I would love to read this one. The Connected Child was life changing.

  73. Kristina Serr

    Her teachings made the biggest impact in helping our family!!!!

  74. Megan D

    Yes, please! I would love a copy to read and read again!!

  75. Cassandra Garza

    I would absolutely love a copy of the book! The Connected Child has helped us parent our newly adopted 9 yr old.

  76. Heather Hollenback

    I’m a foster parent and a special education teacher. Would love to win this book!!! ❤

  77. Lori Asby

    Currently reading The Connected Child. This 1 is on my “to read” list. Would love to win it!

  78. Amanda Akkerman

    I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while now!!

  79. Bethany

    My mother is a leader for a non profit called Together for Good in Southern MN that brings aid to women and children in crisis. She is a TBRI practitioner and loves the model and ideas that Karyn Purvis had given. She would love to have this book!

  80. pattie luther

    My ministry would love to have a copy of this book. Thanks for all you do.

  81. Jen

    Have appreciated all the training and insight I’ve received from Dr Purvis! Would love to add this.

  82. Mckaila DeVries

    I love the work this institute does and would be SO grateful for a copy of the book!

  83. Stephanie Frye

    I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Purvis speak at an adoption conference early in my career, and I’ve continued to have my professional goal to be just like her when I “grow up.” I work with foster and adoptive parents now and would love to have this resource to share with them!

  84. Stacey

    As a newly licensed foster parent, I would love love love this resource!

  85. Kayti Beaman

    I’ve been reading “The Connected Child” on Kindle, and would love to have a copy of “The Connected Parent”! My library never has it available!

  86. Candy Smith

    I would love to have a copy to share with others. This book has opened eyes, as well as changed minds and hearts of many people I know.

  87. Carollynn Thesing

    Connected Child was wonderful can’t wait to read Connected Parent

  88. Kristina Campos

    I recommend this to all parents especially ones that have gone through trauma, it helped me with my two grandchildren. When you feel like your alone and don’t understand what your children are trying to tell you there’s this book called, “Connected Child, “ that helps. Thanks Karyn Purvis for all the hard work you invested for the love of all these children.

  89. Stephanie Molina

    I’ve heard so much about this wonderful book and would love to learn more!

  90. K.D.

    Thank you for sharing your love, understanding & patience to help teach others!

  91. Bianca Ortiz

    I’m new to learning about TBRI and attachment styles. Looking forward to learning more!

  92. Steve Mathis

    Loved The Connected Child – can’t wait to read this one!!

  93. Amanda Petruna

    I have learned so much from the Karen Purvis videos and information posted from the Facebook page. Thank you so much for all the support!!!

  94. Regina Manley

    This book is such a great read! I would love a copy to be able to read it with my husband and come back to when we need reminders and encouragement!

  95. Megan Abbas

    Trust based parenting has been so empowering and enlightening! Would love to learn more from Karen!!

  96. Ashleigh Sanchez

    The connected child changed my life!! Looking forward to reading the connected parent!

  97. Tonya Hughes

    I haven’t read the Connected Parent, I’m not sure why not. Karen was a genius and a gift to us all! Thanks for continuing her legacy and work!

  98. Calli

    Would love a copy of this book!!! Have been wanting to foster for my whole life!!

  99. Corianne Courtney

    This is definitely on my list to read. Would love to have it in our library, especially with our current foster placement, which has been a struggle!!

  100. Lynn Shaeffer

    Our family has been transformed by the work of Dr. Purvis. A large part of the success of our 3 adoptions is due to her wisdom. We are constantly trying to study her books, DVD, youtube videos, and anything else we can get our hands on.

  101. Nicoletta

    Work with a lot of kids and still have yet to read this book! It’s on my list and this would be a great little surprise!! (:

  102. Julie montano

    This book has definitely been on my wishlist since adopting in January.

  103. Mandy Hain

    Would love more TBRI koolaid!
    PS Winners will be announced at noon but the giveaway runs to 11:59?

  104. Christena Atkinson

    TBRI changed my kids life! Would love to read this book.

  105. Christa Chaney

    I am in need of help withy wild 5 year old. I would love a copy to gain some wisdom and strategy on how to better communicate and connect with him.

  106. Liina

    What a great giveaway. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while.

  107. Gina Darcy

    Would love to win this as I work as a child and adolescent therapist ❤️

  108. Laura Bierbower

    This would be a great resource for me as a parent and as a school counselor!

  109. Amanda

    So grateful for the work of dr. Purvis. It has been transformational!

  110. Allison Sheffield

    I would love to read the connected parent. I loved reading the connected child, before my TBRI practitioner training! TBRI is so close to my heart ❤️

  111. Charity

    Would love a copy! Dr. Purvis’ work is put to work my home and work everyday.

  112. Dallas

    I’m almost done reading The Connected Child (which is amazing) and this was next on my list!

  113. Brittany

    I’m an adoptive parent who would love to read this!

  114. Leigh Eicher

    Would love to be considered. Would be a great resource to have on hand as a parent of adopted child.

  115. Elizabeth Siblerud

    Love TBRI! Always excellent information and so helpful!!

  116. Caytlin Merritt

    I love, love, love, everything Karyn Purvis has put out!!!

  117. Karen

    As a foster & adoptive parent I would love a copy of this book! I’ve gained so much insight through the Empowered to Connect/Hope for the Journey conferences.

  118. Lindsey Brown

    I would love a copy! Our home should be licensed for foster care by the end of this month.

  119. Donna Haynes

    I adopted my son 4 years ago. I have attended the TBRI classes and could use some additional resources

  120. Kristie

    I had the privilege to go to some training in Texas a few years ago and then some training at my church. This is great stuff and the book would be a great treasure to have!

  121. Jennifer Alday

    This would great to have as we are new to fostering and I have heard it’s a great book.

  122. Zane

    I wanted this book from the first time I saw it, but I wasnt able to buy it. Fingers crossed!

  123. Kim Esquivel

    Loved The Connected Child. Cannot wait to read The Connected Parent!!

  124. Nidia

    Very grateful for the content Dr. Purvis left us. Would love to read this book.

  125. Beth Schaller

    I attended a Purvis Institute training on “Trauma-informed Classrooms” and learned so much! I would love to read this book.

  126. Rebekah Webster

    Would love to learn from this as I have from The Connected Child!

  127. Amy

    So grateful for Dr. Purvis and her desire to help children from hard places. My family has benefited from her Godly wisdom.

  128. Casey Sturm

    I would love a copy of this book. I love to read anything that will further my knowledge on child development.

  129. Ellen Pugh

    Would love to read this! I really enjoyed the TBRI 101 training and would like to learn more.

  130. Sarah

    As a foster mom, this book has been on my must-read list for a long time. Dealing with trauma in young children has been a very rocky road, and I need more tools in my belt to help them navigate towards healing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  131. Kayci

    Happy 1 year! Thank you for blessing us with a giveaway to celebrate!

  132. Holly

    Love the Connected Child. Can’t wait to read this one too.

  133. Monica Bowman

    We are an adoptive family through foster care and have recently adopted a siblings group of 5 brothers. I am intrigued with the study I’ve done on TBRI and Karyn Purvis’s methods. I would love to have this book!

  134. Chelsey Rogers

    This book is on my must-read list! Excited to read and apply this book to my daily work and practice.

  135. Kelly

    This book has been on my “to read/buy” list for so long!

  136. Courtney Healy

    Thank you for offering such a great giveaway. This has been on my to read list since last year!

  137. Aaron

    Learned so much from Connected Child. Can’t wait to read this one too.

  138. Mackenzie

    I have 3 adopted kids and are currently in the process of another adoption. Would really benefit from learning from this book!

  139. Dani

    Would love a copy! Always looking for ways to be a better mommy to my babies! 🙂

  140. Trisha

    I’ve heard so many great reviews about this book! Would love to read it!

  141. Anna

    I’m an adoptive parent of two boys. I adopted them 9 years ago. I took the TBRI Training a few years back. Learning to connect with them has been the only thing that has saved our relationship. They are still struggling with behavior and I would like to learn more and deepen my relationship even more with both my boys.

  142. Jenna

    We are adopting again and are trying to work on our parening during the wait to travel! Would absolutely LOVE to read this book. ❤️

  143. Cathy

    Would love to read this with my daughter who is a brand new mother!

  144. Courtney Cormier

    We finished our training for foster care in January and became certified in June. The techniques that we learned in our trainings have helped us so much with our foster kiddos and our personal lives. I would love to have this book to refer back to down the road!

  145. Leanna Kotasek

    We’d love to add this book to our home library. We are TBRI trained foster parents and would also love to share it as a resource with many other families!

  146. Melissa

    Karyn’s work has rocked my world and been essential in parenting my children. So so thankful.

  147. Amy Ryan

    Would love to continue my trauma-informed parenting education by reading this book.

  148. Kayla Sloane

    This is a must have addition to my library!! As a professional in the child welfare field, I want to better educate myself and the families that I work with!

  149. Kara Hyland

    “The Connected Child” has been so helpful in building our relationships with our children. I can’t wait to read “The Connected Parent.”

  150. Kayla

    I would love to give this a read to help my family and to share with the families I work with!

  151. Megan Montgomery

    As a professional I always knew that attachment was a two way street, but as a parent I know understand what that means.

  152. Jeanette Parker

    We use this book for educational purposes with our foster families and would love to make an additional copy available to our families!!

  153. Heather Kraft

    Would love to win, haven’t read this one yet!

  154. Jaime Pearson

    Would love a copy! I work for an elementary school, this is on my must get list

  155. Elani

    We are in the process of adopting and would appreciate a book like this.

  156. Anna

    Loved The Connected Child and always looking to better my parenting for my bio and adopted kids!

  157. Grace Shetler

    Have read this book before and would love my own copy! Attachment both ways is incredible in a connected home.

  158. Allison

    The Connected Child has been a life saver. Can’t wait to read this one!

  159. Melissa Kawamura

    Just started fostering! Have read The Connected Child but have not read this one yet.

  160. Mia

    Love the work of TBRI. As an adult adoptee, Dr. Purvis’ work impacted me deeply. I can’t recommend these resources to everyone!

  161. Natasha Yoder

    I would love this book and would use it with the foster parents I work with as a foster care social worker.

  162. Markie Baird

    This would be awesome for our family as we bring home our adopted child from Ukraine this fall and we parent our bio kids and adoptees child through this transition and the years beyond!

  163. Julie M Chien

    I have learned so much from watching the TBRI videos. It has been indispensable with my own step children and as a teacher. Eager to learn more!

  164. Shiela Perez

    I am so thankful for the work Dr. Purvis and her entire team of miracle workers have done to make a difference in the lives of so many families and children!

  165. Natasha Walker

    Would love to win this for my lending library.

  166. Patricia A Fox

    I’ve heard great things about this book. I’m curious as to whether reading it can help us better understand and relate to the 1 & 3 year old grandnephew & grandniece we are fostering.

  167. Elizabeth Crissinger

    We are in the process of Adopting…I think if I don’t win this book I’m gonna have to go buy it. Looks good!

  168. Rachel

    I’ve been so blessed by the connected child book… and all the work that dr purvis has done .. it’s been a huge asset to us as we are fostering 5 children… wud love to have the connected parent book as well… to share with our fostering family… blessings to all

  169. Stephen Scarbrough

    Love the Connected Child! I need to check this one out!!

  170. Leigh-Ann

    I’d love to win a copy! Karen was a phenomenal educator!!!

  171. Kelly Bomar

    Thank you for your work! It encourages me and gives me hope!

  172. Patty

    Loved to learn more about healthy attachment patterns to help heal & help others heal.

  173. Gail Haas

    I would love a copy of this book to help implement connected parenting methods.

  174. Melissa

    Would love to read this! I have The Connected Child and this would be a great addition to my collection.

  175. Danica

    It has been a year already and I still have not read it?!? I need to remedy that, since I keep recommending it to people!

  176. Millie

    Would love to have as a resource for our local support group!

  177. Harrison

    This book is waiting in my queue. Can’t wait to read it!

  178. Lauren Crump

    Studying to be a social worker and would love this as a resource!

  179. Laura Morton

    I’ve been so blessed by the research of TBRI and would love to read this to gain future knowledge!

  180. Kolleen

    Thank you for these resources. Karyn Purvis had the most amazing insight into kids from hard places. I am eternally grateful

  181. Lydia Anderson

    I heard the audio book and I loved it. It taught me a lot. I would love to have the book!!

  182. Kim McGregor

    I love Karen’s teachings and style. It’s a game changer! I’d enjoy a copy!

  183. Katie

    I work at a foster care agency and would love to own a copy that I could lend out to our families to borrow and read – such an incredible read and resource!

  184. Sarah Lilienthal

    I’ve heard so many good things about this book! I would love to add this to my foster care resources!

  185. Dana Garner

    Dr Purvis’ work has changed my life with my 3 adopted kiddos. Thank you so much!

  186. Meghan B

    Getting to hear Dr. Purvis live was such a blessing. Her work is invaluable!

  187. Kara

    I’ve had this book recommended to me, but our library does not carry it.

  188. Lisa Jones

    I borrowed The Connected Child from the library a year or so ago. It was full of knowledge, and left me with such a sense of peace and calm. I purchased the Audible edition of The Connected Parent, but I find what I learn sticks better if I both listen and hold a hard copy at the same time. Fingers crossed!

  189. Liza Aunkst, MSW,PLMHP

    As a professional who works with families that have adopted or have kiddos in guardianship, I have seen the value of going over the connected child with them. I would love to be able to receive a copy to not only be able to read myself but share the knowledge with parents.

  190. Julie Krieger

    So thankful for Dr. Purvis’ work! It has been healing for so many families and children.

  191. Natalie Rollins

    I love Karen Purvis and all of her work! Would love to read this book.

  192. Michael

    Looks like an amazing resource! Thanks for your hard work.

  193. Sarah Hott

    I have learned so much about trauma from the Connected Child! Would love to read this!

  194. Tonia Schmitz

    I would love a copy of this book. I regularly use The Connected Child as both a parent and as a teacher.

  195. Julia Welch

    Love learning from Dr. Purvis’s teachings!!! TBRI has truly changed my life and approach to serving others!

  196. Savannah Clifford

    I love learning more about how to create healthy connections with my children.

  197. Anne Masuda

    We would love Dr. Purvis’ book. We are a foster adoptive family with two very resilient, very amazing sisters.

  198. Jaime De La Ossa

    As a new mom, special education teacher at a Title I campus, and avid reader, receiving a copy will allow me to share the knowledge in this book and positively impact relationships with my students and son as he grows.

  199. Nicole Evans

    I loved the Connected Child and have been really wanting (needing) to read this book!

  200. Lorena Urzúa

    I would love to have a copy, in Guatemala we don’t have a lot of books any adoption, we are still learning how to walk into adoption path. May God bless your work and compromise with God’s word and helping others to learn about convection, to connect with Him

  201. Jackie Judd

    I would love a copy! Foster mom of 26 kids so far and use many of her teachings ♥️

  202. Sarah P

    Hate to think where we’d be without the work of Dr Purvis. So thankful for her heart and obedience.

  203. Emily

    Would love this to be able to share with parents I work with!

  204. Kelly

    I would love to read this book as a parent and as a teacher.

  205. Drea Saunders

    I didn’t even know this had been published! Regardless of if I win, this is on my summer reading list.

  206. Lisa

    Even after raising four kids, I have so much to learn from Karen. Now I have grandkids .

  207. Sara

    I would love to win a copy of this book! I work at a foster care agency and am always trying to grow my knowledge. We also frequently gift and let foster parents borrow our connected child books. So I’d love to add this to our collection 🙂

  208. Michele

    Thank you so much, both the in person workshop and the blessing of the 2 free online classes have been instrumental in building healing relationships with teens/ young adults over the past 2 years! (And so needed during COVID)

  209. Debra McJimsey

    I love mywork with TBRI and The Connected Child. I hope I am chosen as a recipient of what looks like an amazing book!

  210. Naomi

    Would love to read this! The connected Child book helped so much on our Foster care journey.

  211. Chris Collins

    *corrected email address*
    Just came up in my Facebook memories as a post I shared! So grateful for these incredible resources for families like mine!

  212. Galina Smith

    TBRI has changed my personal and professional life. I am so thankful for Dr. Purvis and her team.

  213. Quentin

    As a same sex couple with an adopted child, we have learnt so much already and would love a copy of this book!

  214. Darcy Stanco

    This would be perfect for us as my husband and I are getting on the same page with parenting. I would love to share it!

  215. Kylee Childs

    I would love to have a copy to utilize in my job working with foster and adoptive parents!

  216. Siena Read

    The Connected Child is a fantastic book, I’d love a copy of this extension of Karyn Purvis’ wisdom!

  217. Kathryn Wilcox

    We are just beginning the process of learning about Trauma based behaviors and what that looks like in our child/how to help her. We would love a copy of this book.

  218. Kym McKenzie

    Oh my! I had no idea! So excited to read this!! I’m a counselor and totally need this!!!

  219. Monica Miller-Scott

    I’m so thankful for the connection to the TBRI Model. I have read as well as given out several copies of the connected child. I would love a copy of this book.

  220. Katelyn W

    Love the work of Dr Purvis and would love to add this to my collection.

  221. Lisa Tosch

    Oh how her work has helped me with my kids! I would love to read her latest book

  222. Lisa Sharp

    Thank you for creating this important resource!

  223. Sarah Poling

    Wow! I didn’t realize this book existed! Wonderful! would love to win and read and share!

  224. Taylor

    This is on my wishlist! I work with kiddos and their families in skills development and tbri is a game changer.

  225. Shannon Merrill

    We are starting our second adoption process, and would love to add this book to our collection! ❤️

  226. Missy pullin

    As an adoptive mom, this book is on my “to read” list.

  227. Beth

    This book is sure to become another regular on my nightstand!

  228. Ellie

    Always looking forward to more books to guide me on my parenting journey!

  229. Pam Ortega

    Would love a copy! Currently in the toddler tantrum stage!

  230. Shelbie M

    I am about to deliver my first child, and am also a CASA! I know my husband and I would greatly benefit from reading this book!

  231. Emily

    I haven’t had the chance to read this book yet, but would love to!

  232. Jessica Oppert

    Her wisdom is such a blessing and I’m grateful she took the time to write it out!

  233. Joy Jones

    This book has been on my list to buy since before it was actually released! I just haven’t been able to buy it yet.

  234. Kaitlyn Pufahl

    As a pediatric health care provider and parent to an adopted daughter, I’m always looking to learn more about the journey of parenting and this book looks like an amazing resource!

  235. Sarah J Carter

    On my wishlist. We were going to do a training but it got cancelled due to COVID. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  236. Caitlin Layton

    Would love to read this book and learn more!

  237. Amy Marshall

    I love the work of Dr. Purvis. I can’t wait to read this book!

  238. Amber

    Recently found TBRI and excited to use this new found knowledge in my career with child protective services.

  239. Kayla

    Just starting the foster journey! Would love this book!!!
    Also…I could use for my bio child.

  240. Violet Anderson

    This is a book that sounds really worthwhile! I would love a copy to read.

  241. Sonya

    I really have been wanting this book. We’ve been fostering for 2 yrs now and have had 12 children come through our door! Some have gone back home some to therapeutic homes and some have been moved to other agencies! I just want to be the best temporary mom I can be to these little ones and teens! Thank you!!

  242. Tera

    Graduated from TCU in 2009 and loved Dr. Purvis’ class. I’m now teaching and would love to have a copy of this book!

  243. Nichole

    So grateful for the work of Dr. Purvis. We have three foster children and I’m always learning how I can better bond and create those attachments they so desperately need! Would love to win a copy of this after reading “the connected Child”. Thank you!

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