TBRI® Life Values Free Printable!

TBRI Life Values are short scripts designed to guide children toward optimal behavior. What we love most about the TBRI Life Values is that they create a language of respect in families, groups, and classrooms. Remember that TBRI Life Values are most effective when they’re taught proactively during moments of calm when children are ready to learn.

Feel free to print the set of 10 TBRI Life Values and hang them on a classroom bulletin board, on a refrigerator at home, or in an office to remind yourself to use the TBRI Life Values with the children you serve. As the children learn these short scripts, these signs can be a great reminder for them, too.

For more information about the TBRI Life Values, check out Chapter 5 of our Trust-Based Parenting DVD or this article.

Click here to download the TBRI Life Values Printable



9 Responses to “TBRI® Life Values Free Printable!”

  1. Yasuyo Sei

    TBRI has been great resource to our family. The relationship between us has been better.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Dru Crenshaw


    Can there be some slides that are geared more for teens?

  3. Tim Smith

    Hey there,

    I am a TBRI practitioner. I’m interested to know if there is a downloadable feelings chart for kids and teens that has been created that is used by those implementing TBRI?



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