Yohannes’ Story

The TBRI® Podcast | Season 3, Episode 7

Last week we heard from Dr. Melody Aguayo about parenting in the trenches. Today, we hear from her son, Yohannes Aguayo. Yohannes is an alumnus of our Hope Connection Camp and joins us on the podcast today to share his experience growing up in his family, his struggles, and his experience as an adopted person.

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7 Responses to “Yohannes’ Story”

  1. Anna Sullivan

    This story was sort of sad that Yohannes was punished during school recess for an hour writing one sentence over and over until his hand cramped.
    Yohannes life as a foster child and then being adopted.

    Yohannes talked about being adopted and how his life became a puzzle that had to be put together with he and his parents

    Yohannes also said that parents need to put themselves in the child’s shoes. And how what is said to a child and the tone has to be processed by the child and negativity is a bad place to be



  3. Gracie Pitts

    Yohannes’ story is very interesting. Although he suffered somewhat, he found trust with the people around him. His experience with his adopted parent didn’t block him from excelling. His story should be shared with both adult and other foster child (teenagers). The inner feeling about the birth parents is always there.

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