TBRI® Practitioner Training: February 2022

Update: the application period for this training session has closed.

The Purvis Institute is currently accepting applications for TBRI® Practitioner Training.

This core training experience is designed to prepare practitioners for working with children, families, and in systems of care impacted by trauma. After successful completion of the TBRI® Practitioner Training, all TBRI® Practitioners may train within their organization using the TBRI® Caregiver Training Package.

Application Period: November 9-16, 2021. Notices of acceptance and regret will be sent on November 19, 2021.

Training dates: February 7-11, 2022 (asynchronous online training will occur in the 10 weeks prior to these dates)

Tuition for this training session is $3,500 USD. Please note that this training session takes place online for Phase 1 and onsite for Phase 2 in Fort Worth, TX

Click here to apply!

9 Responses to “TBRI® Practitioner Training: February 2022”

  1. Natalie Cook

    Hi there! My husband and I are currently waiting to adopt. Through the waiting process we have felt like God has been calling us to foster care or parenting children from hard places. As a woman who does not have a college degree or business etc, or who has not quite yet had the privilege of being a foster/adoptive parent, is it possible to become a TBRI practitioner?

    Thank you!

  2. Renae Heilman

    I seem to always miss the application time for scholarships and for the actual TBRI practitioner training. Will the next sign up time be in November again this year? Thank you for your help.

  3. Beth Patton

    I see registration opens today for the July 2022 training but cannot find link to apply for consideration. Do I need to register with TCU first or? I cannot find the link to apply to be considered and when that link does open & application sent in, do you pay the fee then or only if upon fact you happen to be approved for acceptance? Thanks!

  4. Felicia Dickerson

    I’m truly interested in your training I live in New Orleans, La. However do your organization offer financial assistance with training to become a practitioner? If so please get back with me.

  5. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi, Felicia. We offer scholarships for applicants that have been selected to attend our TBRI Practitioner Training Sessions. The first step is to apply. Hope that helps!

  6. Jana Percer

    I would love to receive your training as I need it to work at the Children’s Shelter. I am unemployed and cannot afford the tuition. What are my options?

  7. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi, Jana. We have many free resources about TBRI. The TBRI Podcast is a great starting point, as is our YouTube Channel. Just search “The TBRI Podcast” on any podcasting platform and “Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development” on YouTube.

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