TBRI® Practitioner Online Training: May 2021

UPDATE: The application period for this training has ended. Please check our website and social media channels for information about upcoming training events.

The Purvis Institute is currently accepting applications for TBRI® Practitioner Online Training.

This core training experience is designed to prepare practitioners for working with children, families, and in systems of care impacted by trauma. After successful completion of the TBRI® Practitioner Training, all TBRI® Practitioners may train within their organization using the TBRI® Caregiver Training Package.

Application Period: December 8 – 29, 2020. Notices of acceptance and regret will be sent on January 12, 2021.

Training dates: May 17-21, 2021 (asynchronous online training will occur in the 10 weeks prior to these dates)

Tuition for this training session is $2,500 USD. Please note that this training session takes place exclusively online.


30 Responses to “TBRI® Practitioner Online Training: May 2021”

  1. Peggy Box

    I just completed my application for TBRI online training. I was wondering if there are any scholarships to offset some of the cost as offered in the past?

  2. Shari E Linger

    I am so excited to register for this training. I was wondering if the entire tuition is due now at time of signup or just a deposit? Thank you.
    Shari Linger, LMHC


    I´m really interested on this, I applied last year but I didn´t received the scholarship, now with this modality it´s awesome because it´ll be lower cost (without travel cost). I´ve being waiting for this opportunity for a long time and I´ll appreciatte your consideration because this preparation will impact my role in Trauma Free World Organization.

  4. Kurstie Michela


    Is there going to be an in-person training in 2021, and will there be a separate application if there is an in-person training? Is there going to be a scholarship available?

    Thank you!

  5. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi, Kurstie. We are uncertain if there will be an in-person training in 2021. Each training has a separate application process. Scholarships are available upon acceptance. The first step is to apply for the training. Hope that helps!

  6. Kevin Harris

    My wife and I are co-trainers for foster caregivers in our province using the Trauma Competent Caregivers from Back2Back ministries. Is there away that we can do this training together as a couple?

  7. Allison Weil

    I graduated with my child development degree from TCU in 2018. I already completed the 2 TBRI classes (Stressful child I & 2) through my degree classwork. Would I have to take the courses again to be certified? Or could I go straight to phase 2?

  8. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi, Allison. Since you have taken Vulnerable Child I and II, you will be exempt from some of the Phase I coursework, but you still need to apply for the training and also e-mail Dr. Call to let her know you want to attend. Hope that helps.

  9. Marco Trevino

    Hello, my name is Marco Trevino and I’m an LCSW in the State of Texas. I’m currently employed with a agency that provides services to adults and geriatrics. However, I was approached on December 31, of 2020 about the opportunity to provide services for a non profit Residential Treatment Center that provides services to foster children. (Harlingen, Texas) The RTC is struggling to find a provider in the area that can provide face to face treatment to their foster children. I know the deadline for the training ended on December 29, 2020. I was hoping I would be considered to apply for the upcoming training. I’ve been trained in DBT and I’ve read on TBRI and would like to be trained in this model. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Marco Trevino, LCSW

  10. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi, Marco, unfortunately we cannot accept any more applications for our next training. We will have more trainings available in 2021, so please check our website and follow our social media platforms for updates on those application deadlines.

  11. Lindsey Gurley

    Will notices of accept and regret be mailed or emailed today? I keep checking my email inbox 🙂

  12. JoAngela Jimenez


    I know today we were supposed to receive notification on whether or not we were accepted for this training. I have checked both my personal and work email and have not received notification, as of yet. How can I find out the status of my application?

  13. Zonia Louw

    Good day!
    Will the TBRI online Practitioner Traning be repeated in 2021?? As I am very regretfully too late for this round….
    Kind regards
    Zonia Louw

  14. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi, Zonia, yes, we have more trainings scheduled for 2021 so there will be other opportunities. We’ll post the schedule once it is finalized in the next month or so.

  15. Holly

    Is there a Listserv that I can join to get updates on additional 2021 trainings?

  16. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi, Holly, at this time the best way to get updates is to follow us on social media. We post updates about our trainings on facebook, twitter, and instagram, as well as our website.

  17. Shannon Friedman

    Will future 2021 trainings be online or in-person or has that been determined?

    I also missed the deadline for the May training, but would love to attend.

  18. Alice DeLaGarza

    So very happy to hear that the Practitioner Training is up and running again! We’re bummed that we missed out on this registration period but will be looking for future opportunities!

  19. Carrie Jo Ferguson

    I am an LCSW and work with children and adults. I have wanted to do this training since learning about it in my graduate program. I look forward to applying for a training this year.

  20. Melissa Goldthwaite

    I would like to see if there will be any other training dates this year, as the May 2021 application date has closed already. My district is interested in sending counselors (LMSW/ LPC) to be trained if you can provide more information on future dates.

  21. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi, Sharon, all 2021 trainings will be conducted online. We will post the remaining 2021 training dates and applications deadline soon.

  22. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi Melissa, there will be more TBRI Practitioner Training opportunities in 2021. We will post the dates and application deadlines soon. Please check our website or follow us on social media for updates.

  23. Mel

    Hi, I am in NZ and just wondering if there are online learning opportunities in this Timezone and if you have any online learning coming up this year? Thanks.

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