The Connected Family Series: An Online Post-Adoption Family Intervention

The Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development is conducting research to determine if an online 4-week intervention can provide support for adoptive families to improve well-being and connection.

The intervention is a 4-week online, self-paced intervention aimed at the meeting the needs of each member of the adoptive family and improving well-being and connection. Each week of the 4-week series, parents watch a mini-webinar, children watch a short video, parents and children answer reflective questions, and the whole family completes two activities together aimed at improving communication and connection. Each week’s content builds upon itself with the goal that, at the end of the 4 weeks, families are set-up for success to continue using the tools learned in the intervention.

Who Can Participate?

  • Families must have legally adopted or have legal permanency of all children in the family.
  • Families must have at least 2 children and at least one child who is 12 years or older.
  • All family members must be willing to participate in the intervention and research study.
  • Families cannot be a current foster family.
  • Families cannot have a member with severe needs (i.e., a child who is a harm to self or others) that are beyond the scope of the intervention.
  • Families cannot be a two-parent household in which the marriage is a current source of consistent conflict.
  • Families cannot have previously participated in Hope Connection 2.0, a therapeutic family camp intervention.

The Research Study

If you choose to participate, your family will be randomly assigned to either a waitlist or an intervention group. The intervention group will receive the intervention in September and October and the waitlist group will receive the intervention in January and February. You cannot elect to be in a specific group.

Participation includes a brief survey about your family, completing assessments at 3 different time points about yourself and your family relationships, and participating in a 4-week online intervention. The 4-week intervention includes watching videos, answering reflection questions, and doing family activities together each week. Participation involves approximately 20 hours of your time during a 6-month period. All participation will take place online.

There are minimal risks involved in this research. Risks include being uncomfortable doing activities with your family and completing the intervention without the presence of a professional.

Families will receive Amazon eGift cards (a maximum total of $60) for completing assessments.

Please call 817-257-7415 or

email with any questions

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Does my family need to be working with a professional in order to participate?

Families do not need to be working with a professional to participate. The intervention was designed to be done in the home without the assistance of an outside professional.

Can I access the intervention without being a part of the research study?

The intervention is only available to families who are participating in the research study. Based on the results of the research study, the intervention may become more widely available in 2021.

What if my family is not eligible to participate in the study?

At this time, you will not be able to access the intervention. However, if the intervention becomes more widely available, there will be no eligibility requirements for families to access it.

Do I need to have TBRI training to participate in this study?

Families are not required to know of or have training in TBRI in order to participate. It is expected that families will have a range of experiences with TBRI from not being familiar with it to having a TBRI Practitioner in the family.

How long does the intervention take to complete each week?

The amount of time depends on the selected family activities. Each week there is a 15-20 minute video for parents to watch, a 5-10 minute video for children to watch and one reflective question for each member of the family who is 12 and older to complete. There are also two family activities each week which could take a varying amount of time depending on the family’s selection. We estimate that the intervention will take approximately 2 hours over the 7-day period for each of the 4 weeks.

If I am in the research study when will I have access to the intervention?

The time of access will depend on which group your family is randomly assigned to be in. Depending on the group, you will either have access in September 2020 or January 2021. You cannot select which group you will be a part of.

What would my involvement be in the research study?

Each member of the family who is 12 years and older will complete online assessments at 3 different time points over a 6-month period. Links will be emailed to families and there will be a one-week period to complete the required assessments during each of the 3 time points.

To Participate

The application to participate is closed.