TBRI® Animate: Toxic Stress & The Brain

From the time we are born, our brains have 100 billion neurons and begin to form synaptic connections that make up who we are and how we function. Tragically, severe or prolonged abuse or neglect manifests in toxic stress which derails brain development and can even affect the immune system. This cycle is all too common for children from hard places of abuse, neglect, and/or trauma.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention® offers holistic solutions that can begin the healing process from toxic stress. By recreating the developmental process, TBRI® strives to introduce the nurture that was absent in times of harm.

Watch as this TBRI® Animate explains the complexity of the human brain, the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the hope for healing in trust-based relationships.

This TBRI® Animate was created in collaboration with Cognitive story-telling and animation studio, most known for their work with RSA Animate. Using animation to share TBRI® was a dream of Dr. Purvis’s, and we are especially grateful to Producer/Writer of this project, Cynthia Hall for her creativity and understanding of TBRI®. It is our hope that the TBRI® Animates will inspire parents and professionals across the world to bring deep healing to vulnerable children.

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  1. Lauren Smith

    Beautifully done in a simple, yet organized way. Dr. Purvis and Dr. Cross’ information has given me hope to raise our boys we adopted from foster care. Deep appreciation and gratitude . We tell everyone we can about your research and TBRI.

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