Transforming Cultures of Care: Jefferson County, TX

by: Megan Austin

Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) encourages caregivers and service providers to address the needs of the whole child. This means considering the behaviors, emotions, relationships, thoughts, environment, and physiology of children and youth. This holistic approach to addressing trauma naturally requires a multi-systemic approach. Ideally, all systems, institutions, organizations, and individuals that impact the life of a child would be on the same page about what that child needs to heal and thrive.

Through a project funded by the Office of the Texas Governor, the KPICD began working with the Southeast Texas community, primarily in Jefferson County, in 2018 to train various organizations and service sectors in TBRI. This 8-minute mini-documentary illustrates how various organizations can collaborate to bring TBRI to their community, and how various service sectors can utilize TBRI with different populations to ultimately change the culture of care of the community to one that focuses on effectively the meeting the complex needs of children, youth, and families.

5 Responses to “Transforming Cultures of Care: Jefferson County, TX”

  1. Nateisha Johnson

    Would like more information on how to become an practitioner

  2. Tarasha Robinson

    This is a program that is very informative and much needed in all areas of life. (Family, Community, Law Enforcement & Courts, Churches and Schools) The training will empower and equip you in so many ways.

  3. Nkem Nwaobi

    Would like to become a TBRI practitioner so I can help with the need in Jefferson county.

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