TBRI® Animate: Attachment

We are thrilled to introduce our newest video resource, a TBRI® Animate about Attachment!

Dr. David Cross narrates this three-minute video which explores the importance of the attachment bond between children and their caregivers.

Young children use their attachment figure as a secure base for exploring understanding the world around them. The relationship between child and caregiver lays the groundwork for interpersonal connections throughout the lifespan. When attachment is derailed, children may display confusing behaviors and struggle to trust even loving, safe adults.

Although this is a sobering reality, there is hope for these children.

TBRI® is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. By understanding the importance of attachment needs, we can help these children heal and begin to trust the adults who care for them.


This TBRI® Animate was created in collaboration with Cognitive story-telling and animation studio, most known for their work with RSA Animate. Using animation to share TBRI® was a dream of Dr. Purvis’s, and we are especially grateful to Producer/Writer of this project, Cynthia Hall for her creativity and understanding of TBRI®. It is our hope that the TBRI® Animates will inspire parents and professionals across the world to bring deep healing to vulnerable children.



3 Responses to “TBRI® Animate: Attachment”

  1. Andrea Moroge

    Thank you so much for making this. It is fabulous and I have already sent to several families that I work with in occupational therapy. So pleased to see this come to fruition! You are all amazing, I we appreciate the resources that you are consistently making available for our patients.

    Also, I received this email through a parent of mine, rather than through my direct email, even though I am both a TBRI Educator and Practitioner. Would you please ensure that my email is linked to these new announcements, as I don’t know why I am not getting them. Thank you!! Andrea Moroge, M.Ed., OTR/L andrea@sensorybin.com my website: http://www.sensorybin.com

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