We are pleased to offer our videos via digital download! Please purchase all digital downloads through

Digital Video FAQ:

I’d like to purchase an ICD video. What are my options?

All of our videos are available via digital download or DVD.

Where can I purchase digital videos? DVDs?

All digital purchases must be made through DVD purchases are processed through

What exactly do you mean by digital download?

Our videos can be purchased to view on a computer or mobile device without a physical DVD. This is a great solution for the decreasing availability of DVD drives in computers. Once you purchase a digital video, you will be prompted to download a video player that allows viewing of the video on a device of your choosing.

Is there a difference in the price of digital downloads vs. DVDs?

The price of downloading our videos is slightly lower than purchasing videos on DVD — not to mention savings in shipping costs and the ability to view your purchase within minutes of download! Click here to see the video pricing guide. 

What are the benefits of digital video vs. DVDs?

Digital videos are more consistent with current technology. Most new computers do not have DVD players and many people view videos digitally through streaming on mobile devices. Our digital videos can be viewed on both mobile devices and computers, which offers more flexibility than a DVD. However, many of our customers purchase our videos to share among co-workers, family members, or friends. The DVD format is still most appropriate for shared video libraries.

Do you offer bulk orders for digital videos?

We can accommodate bulk orders for those interested in providing digital videos for a group. This document outlines our pricing for bulk digital orders and the process for ordering.