5B-IMG_2647We are currently evaluating our training design, and as a result, have tabled TBRI® Camp Training for the time being. Please check this page for announcements about future camp trainings.

The Karyn Purvis of Child Development offers TBRI® summer camp training for organizations serving at-risk children and youth. Empowering others to create customized camps modeled after The Hope Connection® significantly expands the number of children and youth who can benefit from the healing camp experience. Camp Training participants include executive directors, adoption specialists, counselors, mental health professionals, family therapists, social workers, and other child welfare professionals. Individuals must have attended the TBRI® Practitioner Training to attend Camp Training.

The three-day training focuses on teaching participants how to apply TBRI® Empowering, Connecting, and Correcting principles in a camp environment, and features training sessions on sensory integration, role play, art group, memory books, parent training, crash ‘n bump, and life skills. Participants also learn how to customize camp for their organizations.