Hope Connection 2.0

Hope Connection 2.0 is a therapeutic weekend camp for vulnerable children and their families. Derived from The Hope Connection, the original TBRI summer camp created by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross in the late 1990’s, Hope Connection 2.0 is designed to meet the needs of the entire family, from parents, to adopted children, to adoptive siblings. Families will learn to better connect with one another, understand and meet physical needs, and regulate behavior in the context of loving relationship. Additionally, the Purvis Institute will collect data during each camp for research purposes.


The Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University is conducting research to examine the effectiveness of a therapeutic family camp intervention for adoptive families. This study is examining whether a therapeutic family camp intervention improves a) the trauma-related emotional and behavioral problems of children who are adopted, b) the relationship between them and their siblings and parents, and c) the overall functioning of the family system.

You and your family will be asked to complete online and paper assessments at multiple time points pre- and post-camp, attend two camp weekends, and complete a recorded task between you and your adopted child during camp weekends. Parents will also complete online pre-training and a relationship interview before attending camp. This involves approximately 40-45 hours over a one-year period. Participation will take place at Texas Christian University. Risks involved in this research are minimal. 

The cost of attending camp is $495. Families will receive gift cards at each assessment period post-camp: $50 (1 week post-camp), $75 (3-month follow-up), and $100 (6-month follow-up).

Please call 817-257-7415 or

email kpicd.research@tcu.edu with any questions

IRB # 1809-016-1810

Texas Christian University

TCU does not discriminate based upon any protected status. Please see



Summer 2019 Cohort:

June 14 – 16

July 12 – 14

Families must attend both weekends of their respective cohort.

Logistics & Cost:

  • Cost is $495 per family
  • Cost includes TBRI materials, parent training, camp supplies, meals and snacks
  • Camp will take place on the Texas Christian University Campus in Fort Worth, TX
  • Families are responsible for any lodging arrangements and costs incurred

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Family must have a relationship with a TBRI Practitioner. This means you must have someone in your life (e.g. caseworker, support group leaders, social worker) who is a TBRI Practitioner and can support you in using TBRI strategies after camp.
  • The “target” child is domestically or internationally adopted
  • Target child will be between the ages of 6 – 9 by June 14, 2019
  • Target child has been living in your home for at least one year by June 14, 2019
  • All members of your family living at home are able to participate in both camp weekends for your assigned cohort
  • All family members are willing to be videotaped and photographed during camp
  • All family members are willing to participate in research, i.e., each member completes mailed assessments at multiple times pre and post camp and parents and target child complete video-recorded task during both camp weekends
  • Both parents are willing to complete a criminal background check
  • Both parents are willing to complete online pre-training before attending camp

Calendar Expectations:

Summer 2019 Cohort

November 26, 2018Application Open
December 7, 2018Application Deadline
December 17 - 21, 2018Family Phone Screening Interviews
January 4, 2019Official Acceptance Notice
January 7 - 21, 2019Assessment Packet Completion Period
April 8 - 22, 2019Pre-Assessment Packet Completion Period
May 8 - June 12, 2019Parent Online Pre-Training Completion Period
June 14-16, 2019Camp Weekend 1
July 12-14, 2019Camp Weekend 2
July 22 - August 5, 2019Post-Assessment Packet Completion Period
October 14 - 28, 20193-Month Follow-up Packet Completion Period
January 13 - 27, 20206-Month Follow-up Packet Completion Period


To apply:

The application period for the Summer 2019 Cohort has closed. Please check back for future Hope Connection 2.0 dates.