TBRI® Children’s Books

While most of our resources are geared towards parents, caregivers or professionals, we’re pleased to also provide a special resource for children. Cindy R. Lee of The HALO Project is the author of a series of children’s books based on TBRI® Life Values. These engaging stories are designed to promote connection and teach skills to all children, but are particularly helpful for children from hard places. Each book also includes pages that guide parents and caregivers in teaching the book’s TBRI® Life Value. Books can be purchased on Amazon.com and proceeds benefit The HALO Project and the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development.

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Doggie Doesn’t Know No

It is soooooo hard for children to accept “no!” Parents frequently experience whining, back-talk and defiance when they deny their child’s request. Children can learn to accept “no” smoothly by practicing and understanding the concept of “accepting no.” While living on his own, little stray Doggie was able to do whatever he pleased and was never told “no.” On a cold snowy day he was invited to live with a family in a warm cozy home. Doggie was told “no” many times as he learned the rules of the household! This darling book includes Tips for Parents and facilitates your child’s ability to understand the concept of “accepting no.”




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It’s Tough to Be Gentle

Dex has the sweetest heart and the roughest touch. He breaks his toys, has difficulty with personal space, and has an energy level that idles on high! Dex deeply desires to play with a family of baby birds, but his request is denied until he can learn to be gentle and kind. Join this misunderstood dragon as he creatively learns how to have a gentle touch. It’s Tough to Be Gentle: A Dragon’s Tale, helps children understand the gentle and kind concept and the Teaching Tips for Parents provide parents with information on how they can empathize with a child similar to Dex.





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The Elephant with Small Ears

Elly’s ears won’t grow because she is so scared! Little elephants with small ears can get into all kinds of trouble when they can’t hear their parents instructions. Find out how Elly’s parents learn to help her feel safe so her ears can grow. The Elephant with Small Ears teaches the concept of “listening and minding” to your child while reminding parents about the importance of connecting with children to help them feel safe.Reading The Elephant with Small Ears with your child will help you and your child understand the importance of how traditional parenting techniques are not effective with children from hard places.




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Baby Owl Lost her Whoo

Do you have a bossy child at home or a child obsessed with control? Professionals know that children become controlling when they are afraid. Parents who don’t know this spend all their energy fighting for control and are left feeling frustrated, angry and confused. Baby Owl Lost Her Whoo teaches children WHY they need to let go of control.When left to manage on her own, Baby Owl freezes in the cold, eats only sweets and forgets to brush her beak! One of eight children’s books designed to teach concepts developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis, this story cleverly teaches children that parents are indeed in charge. When children know a safe loving adult is in charge, they can let go of control and spend their time laughing, playing and exploring.




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The Penguin and the Fine Looking Fish

Sweet little penguin was separated from all that was familiar to him. This left him sad and confused. He began to be disrespectful to all those around him because his heart was filled with hurt. In this tender book, Penguin goes in search of a pet to love and love him back. He befriends a beautiful fish who takes him on a journey of healing as he discovers what it means to show respect to himself and others. Penguin and the Fine-Looking Fish will help teach your children the importance of showing respect and gets to the heart of why this concept is vital to engaging in healthy relationships.




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The Redo Roo

Sweet little Roo is full of energy and excitement which is more than fine when he is playing outside. But, when Roo is asked to sit still, be quiet and keep his hands to himself at school he runs into some not-so-fun trouble. Discover how Roo’s teachers find creative solutions to helping Roo succeed in an environment that was not built for his energetic level of exploration.Reading The Redo Roo will help you and your child replace, time-outs, lectures and consequences with the “redo” parenting technique and help empower you to succeed.