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 TBRI®  Practitioner Training

This training is intended for practitioners who want to learn about TBRI® and use it within their professional capacity (e.g., therapists, caseworkers, foster and adoption care specialists, occupational therapists, medical professionals, counselors, CASA representatives, early childhood & development specialists). This core training experience is designed to prepare practitioners for working with children from hard places and their families. After successful completion of the TBRI® Practitioner Training, all TBRI® Practitioners may purchase the TBRI® Caregiver Training Package (available in February 2017.)

The cost of TBRI® Practitioner Training for 2017 – 2018 is $3,500 per person. 

Phase 1: Five units of online coursework (in the ten weeks prior to on-site training) designed to establish a knowledge-base for the on-site training (Phase 2).

Phase 2: After successful completion of Phase 1, participants complete five days of on-site, intensive training that focuses on application and implementation of TBRI® .

After successful completion of all components of Phase 1 and Phase 2, participants are TBRI® Practitioners. This level of training allows TBRI® Practitioners to apply TBRI® principles and strategies within their organization and with their clients or to train their staff by purchasing a license to use the TBRI® Caregiver Package. TBRI® Practitioners must adhere to the rights and responsibilities that come with the title. You can find an overview of the TBRI® Practitioner Rights and Responsibilities or the entire agreement through the links below:

TBRI® Rights & Responsibilities Quick Reference Guide/FAQ

TBRI® Rights & Responsibilities Agreement 

Additional TBRI® Training Opportunities

  • TBRI® & Trauma-Informed Classroom Training (2 days, typically offered in August)
  • TBRI®  Overview (1 day; typically offered in Spring and Fall)

TBRI® Educator Training

Based on overwhelming feedback, the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development has decided to eliminate the TBRI® Educator Online Training.

The TBRI® Educator online training course was piloted in 2016, in which three separate sessions were completed.  This training was intended for TBRI® Practitioners responsible for training others within their organization in TBRI® and consisted of five online modules (10 weeks) and a training video evaluation.  While the TBRI® Educator training was originally created with the objective of equipping professionals with the tools necessary to spread TBRI® within their organization, the pilot run proved to be more cumbersome than helpful for the professionals and organizations involved, ultimately defeating the original goal.

Therefore, after much deliberation the Purvis Institute has decided to reorganize its training structure by eliminating the TBRI® Educator Training, and making TBRI® training materials (TBRI® Caregiver Training Package, including presentation slides & workbooks) available for purchase to TBRI® Practitioners.  In doing so, effective February 2017, TBRI® Practitioners have the ability to start training within their role at their organization, immediately following successful completion of the TBRI® Practitioner Training.

Benefits for you and your organization:

  • Decreases costs for training
  • Decreases training time for staff (less work time)
  • Decreases time between attending TBRI® training and the ability to train
  • Increases number of staff who are able to access the TBRI® Caregiver Training Package and train TBRI® within their role at their organization (all TBRI® Practitioners)

Additional TBRI® Training Opportunities

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