Thanking the Caregivers

Samantha Singer connects with a camper at Hope Connection 2.0

Beyond the threat of contracting COVID-19, the ripple effects of the virus impact every person, including the most vulnerable among us: children who are at-risk. Shelter-in-place orders have been established to keep us safe from the virus, but sadly, for many children this means staying home with an abuser. Samantha Singer, TCU Child Development alumna and master’s of developmental trauma student, wanted to help.

“A few weeks ago when we heard about the spike in child abuse cases, we were trying to figure out what we could do to help our community and the advocates who are working day in and day out to support children and families during this time. I had this idea of writing letters of gratitude and encouragement and Dr. Call sent me contact information for CASA of Tarrant County and Alliance for Children.”

Both organizations have long-standing relationships with the Institute and have practitioners who are trained in Trust-Based Relational Intervention. These practitioners continue to support the children and families they serve, even in the midst of crisis.

“Although it is a small gesture, I wanted these letters to represent hope and love during this time for the men and women who are tirelessly working to be the light for these kids and families.”

Letters from TCU Child Development students were collected and sent to CASA of Tarrant County and Alliance for Children staff members last week.

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