ALL RISE: For the Good of the Children

We are pleased to introduce a new documentary film featuring a TBRI® court in Tyler, Texas.

ALL RISE, For the Good of the Children, takes you inside the courtroom of an unconventional East Texas judge who uses a trauma-informed, trust-based approach to healing broken families in the child welfare system. Two families share how they transformed their lives through the support and intervention offered by Judge Carole Clark and her team of lawyers, mental health experts and child advocates.

ALL RISE will premiere at the 49th Annual USA Film Festival in Dallas, TX on April 28, 2019. The full film will be available for online viewing in May 2019.

A production of the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development and Cactex Media.

Director, Producer, Writer: Olive Talley

Editor: Jeff Hutton

Director of Photography: Guy Hernandez

Executive Producer:  Dr. David Cross


© Texas Christian University, Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development. All rights reserved.


36 Responses to “ALL RISE: For the Good of the Children”

  1. Kim Simmons

    If you are looking for hosts to show this, I would like to have our church considered and would love to know what permissions I have to promote? Also, will there be any resources that could accompany this? If not, I can find some. This is exciting!

  2. JP Hale

    My wife and I are so excited to see this video. We adopted all 5 of our kids with Judge Clark’s help.


  3. Ann Schillilng

    Watched several of your clips and they are wonderful. We have a teenage girl who is really defeying her Foster Mother, soon to be her Legal Guardain…we hope…. Do you have any online sessions that the Foster mother could subscribe too for help?
    Ann Schilling/CASA Program Director

  4. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi Tami, we’ll post more information here and on our facebook page as it becomes available. Thanks so much for your interest!

  5. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi Ann, thanks for your comment. Our TBRI for Teens video is a great resource and is actually on sale through the end of April. Our TBRI 101 course is also a great resource for someone brand new to Trust-Based Relational Intervention. Finally, this blog has several posts that highlight free and low-cost resources for someone just starting out with TBRI. Hope those resources give you a good starting point.

  6. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi Kim, thanks for your comment. We’ll be posting lots of additional information in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow along here on the blog and on our social media sites. We appreciate your enthusiasm for All Rise so much.


    I am really looking forward to seeing this film. I’ve been involved in her courtroom for 6 years and have seen a dramatic difference with people who did what they needed to do to change their lives and get their children back and applaud what this family court has been doing!

  8. Katy Cooper

    Please let me know when the documentary comes out in May. I would love to see it.

  9. Kristin

    I’d love to learn more about this and perhaps be a location to show it? Our church is in an old movie theater could possibly be a good venue?

  10. Jacqueline Jordano

    My administrator shared the trailer for this with our staff. Looking forward to watching the full length documentary. Our agency is in the process of using the Trauma Informed approach. I feel this will assist everyone in child protective services in Erie County, Pennsylvania. Thank you!!!

  11. Samantha

    We pray for legislative and judicial change to honor the right of birth identities/heritage and family continuity for all Americans.

  12. Mary Jean Dennis

    Thank you! This has been my heart since we started doing Foster Care. We did adopt our 3 older children and now live in Texas. My heart has always been not tearing families apart, but helping to teach and help restore. Looking forward to viewing this! When we started doing Foster Care we were trained with TBRI. We love it!

  13. Katherine Turek

    I would love to know where and when I could watch this! I am a trauma therapist working with kids in this population of child and family welfare.

  14. Carol J Hohmann

    “ALL RISE: For the Good of the Children” is a must see for all USA and international: law and medical schools, judges, attorneys, law firms, CASA workers, family courts, law enforcement, providers (mental health, substance withdrawal, and health care), and families. Learn how to impact millions of families and their children, bringing them back together, with a trauma-informed, trust-based approach to healing broken families in the child welfare system. Prevent the cycle from repeating itself and moving on to the next generation!

  15. Heather P

    When will the full version be available to view online?

  16. Niki Miller

    Is it out yet? I’m having trouble finding it. Thank you!

  17. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi Niki, the film is not out yet but we are looking forward to releasing it later this month. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates. Thanks!

  18. Emmelie Pickett

    Hi Heather, we’re looking forward to sharing ALL RISE later this month. We’ll be updating about the release on our social networks, so be sure to follow us there. Thank you!

  19. Deb Doyle

    Looking forward to the release of ALL RISE soon!

  20. J.R. Kirsch

    How can I watch this film?? I tried the link posted but it keeps saying to try again in a few minutes.

  21. NA

    I’ve tried many different methods, These ones as well, and they do absolutely nothing for my child. After 3 years of trying to connect with my child, she just doesn’t seem to care. My entire family has shown her nothing but love, and she treats them like garbage. 3 years is more than enough time to at least be able to connect with a child. What else should we do? She is going to be turning 5 very soon. We are constantly reminding her that she is doing good, we have family time every single night, have extended family time often, we include her in on everything, we talk, we explain, we never shut her out. All she can talk about is when she gets older, she is going to the courts and have her name changed and running away. She says it at least once a week if not more. We tell her we will miss her and that it will make us sad. She gets very happy about making others miserable.

  22. Emmelie Pickett

    Thanks for your comment. Parenting a child from a hard place can be so difficult. Perhaps your family could benefit from working with a TBRI Practitioner. This list provides the names of several TBRI Practitioners who are counselors and social workers who could come alongside you in implementing TBRI strategies:

  23. Ramon I Sierra

    I had the opportunity to watch this film as part of a two-day training session sponsored by Texas Lawyers for Children and the Child Protection Connection for Texas a few weeks ago. It was impressive to watch the court in session and listen to individuals involved in the high-lighted cases come to believe in the trauma-informed process. The session I attended was in Dallas, but the training is being offered in other major Texas cities.

  24. Jerry Pavlon-Blum

    I loved “All Rise…” very much. Being a NYC education leader at a therapeutic day school and college prep, I’ve been honored to design professional development opportunities for our Family and Civil Court judges in mental health and wellness. Judge Clark, featured in “All Rise…”, uses a trust-based, trauma-informed approach to remarkable effect, helping to heal those who have been stuck in the revolving door of our criminal justice system. She successfully works with clinicians to raise early childhood traumas untreated and unrecognized within parents, bringing them to consciousness about why and how they are recapitulating these traumas now on their own children, and helps break this cycle of abuse. Marvelous! Everyone should see this film, experience and understand what individual and family healing looks like and see that judges can make positive, inspiring societal change, case after case. By directing court proceedings with an informed eye on individual’s untreated mental and emotional health and by working collaboratively with clinical assistance in interventions, fewer prison cells will be needed and safer, happier families created.

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