Welcome to the Connections Blog!

Welcome to the Connections Blog!

We’re thrilled to have this space to share about our work with those who are both new to Trust-Based Relational Intervention® and those who have used it for years. We look forward to sharing stories about TBRI®, our current research and projects, Institute news, stories from our partners, resources and ideas, and more.

Have a topic you’d like us to cover? Use your words and let us know in the comments.

Happy reading!

53 Responses to “Welcome to the Connections Blog!”

  1. Caroline Gentry

    I was blown away by empowered to connect last April! As a licensed clinician and soon to be licensed foster parent, I am eager to specialize in TBRI so that I can help my future children as well empower other families to connect. In trying to build the case for my husband to agree to flying me to New Orleans and spend $3500, I was hoping that the training fulfills the annual requirement for VA of 18 ce’s. I couldn’t find the number of ce’s on the training description. Please say they are offered!

  2. Myra Mohr

    I don’t know if you travel to the MIdwest for training, but really interested in this
    information and how it can help in the schools!

  3. Sandra Cobb

    Please add me to your e-mail list. I would like to see more that incorporated children with Intellectual Challenges.

  4. Tonya

    I am a grandmother who was granted custody and legal guardianship in August of 2013 of my two grandsons , both still in diapers when I got them, both diagnosed with RAD, Developmental Delays, Multiple SPD, Anxiety and most recently ODD and DMDD..one also has Microcephaly and Hypotonia…. In 2015 my OT invited me to attend a 10 day/20 hour TBRI training class at a local church who offered it for $20. I had NO CLUE what these children where going thru…and I can not IMAGINE how these boys would be navigating just the simple daily activities of living today without the education, resources and support that I received during that time. Is it easy????? No……Is it unpredictable, yes, as they grow their strengths and challenges change and grow………but as their grandparents, we will continue to support them, walk with them and help them work to master and overcome these disorders, in the hopes of leading healthy productive HAPPY lives where they are able to cope well with the living…….its scary to think of how many little ones have gone their whole lives without the help, understanding, support, respect and love they so deserve….Will there every be another Hope Connection Day Camp????……..Thank you Karen……you loved them just as Jesus does……

  5. Gail Biro

    Always want to learn when it comes to “children who come from hard places please add me to your list

  6. Irvin Longacre

    I’m 70 and a past social worker. I just found TCU and Dr Karyn Purvis and Dr David Cross TBRI in the last 8 months. The resources you have are so inspiring and teach us well. It has opened a new world of wonderful small and big steps to positively and strongly influence and change brain chemistry and behavior of the kids in our lives.
    Ive gotten all the TCU DVDs and been studying and trying out things a little at a time with my grandkids and other kids as possible. How wonderful it would be if all parents could be open to learning TBRI. I’ve gotten and given away 10+ “TBRI an Overview” DVDs to neighbors or others with kids. Thank you.

  7. angie derting

    I’d like to be on your newsletters, blog and email updates or new materials. I am the director of Homes of Hope and my husband and I are Empowered to Connect Parent Trainers in Clarkston, Wa. and parents of 4 adopted kiddos.

  8. julie shore

    Wonderful information!
    So encouraging! Please add me to your email list for future training classes

  9. Michelle Smith

    I learned about TBRI a few years ago and have tried to spread the word to other adoptive and foster parents!! I would love to be added to your blog to keep up with the wonderful work you all do at the Institute!! Do you still have Parent Trainer sessions? I would be interested in learning about this as well.

  10. Irvin C Longacre

    In just this past week I was thrilled to see that our very special book- The Connected Child- is (now in 2019) finally available in audio format- from Audible on Amazon. I have it on my ipod now and I value the availability and ability to hear and replay his book anywhere as while driving or anywhere. (I’ve especially appreciated good books that are narrated by an author who conveys their passion in their work- as with many books by Dr. Dan Siegel and also by Sidney Poitier.) I expected to miss not hearing the confident voices and passions of Dr. Purvis and/or Dr. Cross. But, I found that Anna Crow, the narrator of this Audible book -The Connected Child- has communicated its words and content very very well. I believe that will wonderfully help people build better relationships and be better able to help the kids that come into their lives. Thank you.

  11. Darnetta

    Please add me to any emails or Blogs you have. I’m very interested in TBRI. We have custody of 3 children from a very traumatic background. We will be adopting them in the future. We are watching videos and grasping onto anything we can find about TBRI. Thank You!

  12. Sue Schiel

    Please add me to your email list. I wish your conferences would be on Saturday and Sunday instead of a Friday and Saturday. As a foster parent- I miss so much work due to court dates and doctors appointments. Or, maybe a video we could watch at our own speed.

  13. Marie Donatto

    Please add me to your email mailing list. We watched the simulcast Empowered to Connect a few weeks ago with the Childrens Home Society. We felt it was very beneficial as an introduction to TBRI. We are looking for more training and resources to help us better manage and understand our boys. We are in our 50’s we have been fostering two brothers now for over two years, they are now three and seven years old. We are moving towards adoption but our older boy was diagnosed with RAD, PTSD, ADHD, ODD, we are his fifth placement. We are commited to not giving up on him but we desperately need more training. The closest TBRI Practitioner is an hour away from us. We are going to reach out to her but we also need as much help and confidence that we can get to help us regulate his behavior and ours during the out of control tantrums.

  14. Shirley Parker

    Please add me to your email list so that I can receive notices of upcoming training and other events.

  15. Bonnie Tappan

    I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate in Athens, Georgia. I have been reading and studying trauma in young children. I am interested in any information you might share with me.

    Thank you for this amazing work.

  16. Kala Hall

    Does the TBRI Practitioner training offer financial Aid?

    Could I be added to your mailing list?

  17. Janice Dyson

    My 8 yr old grandson have a bad behavior problem he have been in 5 behavior unit and the only keep him for a couple days and send him back home and he starts all back over after one or two or three days

  18. Hilary Gill

    I am a PT who volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center working with children while their mothers are in classes. I learned some of the skills from another care giver and am very interested in this training. If any of your live courses open up this fall, I would like to participate. Please put my email on your list. Thank you.

  19. Aisling Zweigle

    I am a pastor and child advocate. Dr. Purvis’ work was a vital resource for me while I did graduate level research in an overseas orphanage. I would like to be on the list to find out about upcoming practitioner training.

  20. Karen Chancey

    Please add me to your email list. Thank you!

  21. shannon

    Please add me to your email distribution list for upcoming training, events, or anything surrounding TBRI. Im hooked!

  22. Lauren Smith

    My husband and so have adopted three boys- two of which had gone through a lot. The Connected Child , associated YouTube videos, and my clear answers from God to take them have been our rocks. You all are God sent and angels to us. We are indebted to you all for continuing such a crucial work for parents and children.
    Please add me to everything!!!
    Lauren Smith

  23. Amalia

    Please add me to any emails or Blogs you have. I’m very interested in TBRI.

  24. Charlotte Hill

    I am the adoptive mom of my great-grandson. He came to live with us at 5 months old after being born to our granddaughter and her boyfriend, both of whom were drug addicts. When he was in 7th grade, after being assigned to alternative school, I heard a presentation about TBRI at the school. I immediately knew the presenter was talking about my son. I need so much help addressing his needs. I wish I had known about all this years ago. It answers so many questions I have had through the years. Mostly why is he so different from the 2 sons I raised that are now well-functioning adults. Where do I start with giving him the help he so desperately needs?

  25. Shelee Saal

    My son is 17yo soon to be 18yo.
    His therapeutic school offered parents to see 2 clips of Karyn Purvis’ work and I was blown over by the beauty and simplicity of her interactions with the children and descriptions of her processes/journeys as her interventions progressed. I began to watch other videos as well–one in which a practitioner/student was working with teens. I believe I can still use the help of TBRI with my son!
    Though I am not in a profession to take advantage of the trainings designed for them, I believe that I and people I am in relationship with can benefit from the wisdom of the training.
    Please include me in your list to receive notices about your blog.

  26. Denise Vidonish

    Please add me to your blog. I have an adopted daughter in her twenties. I’m interested in finding a trauma based therapist in the Pittsburgh area; any resources would help.

  27. Susie

    Please add me to your blog/email list.
    I am new to the content and have so many questions.

  28. Shadi

    Please add me to your blog/ email list. Mom who lives with a mentally ill husband and needs guides to establish more connection with her son

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