Intergenerational Trauma and the 5 B’s (Podcast Episode)

The TBRI® Podcast | Bonus Episode

Today’s conversation is with Katie Maitland, a recent graduate of our Master’s of Developmental Trauma program here at Texas Christian University. Katie began her career as a middle school teacher in New York, and eventually learned about TBRI through the KPICD online course, TBRI and Trauma-Informed Classrooms. She began using TBRI principles and strategies in her classroom, focussing on connection and felt-safety, and marveled at the changes she saw with her students as they became more confident self-regulators, communicators, and learners. While earning her master’s, Katie’s research focus was Intergenerational and Transgenerational Trauma and how they impact the 5 B’s in TBRI, which is the focus of this conversation.

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About Our Guest:

Katie Maitland began her career as a middle school special education teacher in August 2013. She loved her job but felt something was missing. In early 2019 she found what was missing. From her home in NY,  she watched a presentation on TBRI and Trauma Informed Classrooms hosted by the KPICD and fell in love! Everything Dr. Casey Call and Sarah Mercado said was everything she wanted for her students. She began using TBRI principles and strategies in her classroom, focusing on connection and felt-safety. She marveled at that the changes she saw in her students as they became more confident self-regulators, communicators, and learners. In June 2022 she made the move to Texas to pursue the Developmental Trauma Master’s program from TCU. Katie graduated with her master’s degree in August 2023 and now works with a local organization to serve children and teachers in economically disadvantaged schools. As she continues her personal and professional journey, she looks forward with hope that her past and present will inform a future full of authentic care and compassion for those she will serve in years to come.

About Our Host:

Sarah Mercado is a Training Specialist with the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development (KPICD). As training specialist, Sarah’s main focus is instructing professionals working with children who have experienced trauma, in Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®). TBRI®, a holistic, attachment-based, and trauma-informed intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children, offers practical tools for caregivers to help those in their care reach their highest potential.

Sarah earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Sweet Briar College in Virginia. She began her career as a direct care staff working with adolescent boys living in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC). After serving in the RTC for several years, she shifted her focus to foster care, where she was Regional Director for a foster and adoption agency.

Sarah spent 20 years serving youth and families within residential and foster care settings as a direct-care worker and trainer before beginning her work with the Purvis Institute in May 2016.


4 Responses to “Intergenerational Trauma and the 5 B’s (Podcast Episode)”

  1. Nicole Komanapalli

    Hi Sarah,

    I love this podcast, well all your podcasts!
    I was wondering if Katie is willing to share her written paper on intergenerational and transgenerational trauma findings. I would be so interested to read her work, this entire podcast blessed me so and that would ice the cake! I have been learning about TBRI for the last few years and it is a life changer! Please let me know if this is a possibility to either contact her or for you to forward her paper.
    Nicole Komanapalli

  2. Rev. Victoria Eaton

    What a joy to listen to this conversation. Parts sent shivers up my spine, engaging me heart and soul. Katharine is a wonderful example of a young lady that has worked hard and been successful to get were God has led her. I am so thrilled that her education and walk with the Lord have prepared her to be powerfully ready for the work that comes on behalf of kiddos and those who care for them.
    I must admit my mind did go on a few fun rabbit trails, remember my own stories however every point was captivating.
    I would love to know how to find a copy of Katherine’s paper. I believe, although I will need a dictionary, I would truly like to read it.
    It has always been a prayer of mine that my children do not suffer due to my history. Little did I know I could pass that right on with genetics. Thank God He was the Father in or home and was always at the ready to help us renew our mind when we invited him to.
    Thank you so much for having talks like this. I would love to hear more from Katharine as she continues to use her degree, and where it leads her.

  3. Rev. Victoria Eaton

    What a wonderful conversation that was to hear. With parts that sent shivers down my spine, I found it captivating throughout. Katharine was insightful and pleasant to listen to. I hope to hear more from her as she continues to serve God and the community.
    Although I’m sure it will require that I have a dictionary on hand, I very much would like to know were I could find her paper and any other published work she may have.
    I prayed that my history would not affect my children, however I never knew those effects could happen on a cellular level. I’m fortunate to know that my children were also raised by thier Heavenly Father how was/is avaliable to help us renew or mind.
    So thankful that the topic you brought forth is out there and many like Katharine are living it with heath and growth.

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