Show Hope Recognized as a TBRI® Ambassador Organization

Show Hope, a faith-centered non-profit based in Franklin, TN, was recently recognized as a TBRI® Ambassador Organization from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU.

Founded in 2003, Show Hope exists to care for orphans by engaging the Church and reducing barriers to adoption. Its founders, Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman, started Show Hope with the goal of helping reduce financial barriers for families who longed to adopt.

TBRI Ambassador Organizations are identified as key partners who have long-term relationships with the Purvis Institute and are furthering its mission at a systemic level using TBRI. Trust-Based Relational Intervention®, or TBRI, is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. TBRI uses empowering principles to address physical needs, connecting principles to address relational needs, and correcting principles to disarm fear-based behaviors. TBRI prioritizes connection as a path to healing for children and families who have experienced trauma. It has been used across a variety of contexts, and TBRI Ambassadors have the distinction of using TBRI to bring deep change in systems of care and practice.

Dr. Danica Knight, Rees-Jones Director, said, “Through our work with Show Hope, we see there’s a true commitment to not only amplifying TBRI, but Show hope has taken all the TBRI principles and strategies that are integral to this work and have incorporated it into all aspects of the work they’re doing. And it’s infused into the core of who they      are, and they share that with      all the TBRI Ambassador Organizations.”

Show Hope has been recognized for their long-standing partnership with KPICD to make TBRI more accessible to families and professionals. As Show Hope strives to help families overcome barriers to adoption, they partner with KPICD to overcome the knowledge barrier.

Dr. Purvis receives an Award from Show Hope Founders, Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman

Kristin Parks, Executive Director of Show Hope, said, “As we have continued to grow and evolve as an organization and have committed to understanding the impact of trauma, particularly on children who have been adopted, we want to come alongside families to equip and educate them.”

Since 2010, Show Hope has shared TBRI with thousands of families through the Hope for the Journey Conference (formerly the Empowered to Connect Conference). KPICD Trainers provide TBRI-centered teaching each year, and since its inception, the Hope for the Journey Conference has reached more than 138,000 individuals, from all 50 states and at least 13 countries.

KPICD staff sit on a panel at the Empowered to Connect Conference

The reach made possible through this partnership goes beyond the conference. Since 2011, Show Hope has provided more than 2,100 scholarships to professionals who attend TBRI® Practitioner Training. Some scholarships have even been awarded to KPICD staff members and individuals from TBRI Ambassador Organizations.

“My TBRI Journey started because of Show Hope.” said Samantha Farris, Training Specialist at the Purvis Institute. “I attended an Empowered to Connect Conference in 2012 and at that moment I knew I wanted to give my life to this work. Then Show Hope provided me a scholarship to become a TBRI Practitioner in 2017, and now I work at the Institute! Personally and professionally I’m so very grateful for the work they all do.”

In addition to financial awards for individuals, Show Hope is partnering with KPICD to provide TBRI Practitioner Training in other countries. Last November, the Purvis Institute launched its first international training in Colombia, which was made possible in part by the generosity of Show Hope.

The first international TBRI Practitioner Training in Bogotá, Colombia, made possible by Show Hope

The hope is for more TBRI Practitioner Trainings to occur across the world. Dr. Knight added, “As we know, the more we can provide TBRI Resources and Training Opportunities in native languages and native cultures, the more families, and the more children we’re able to reach.”

“In 2008, with an aim to help parents and caregivers better understand their children’s unique history and needs, Show Hope launched its Pre+Post Adoption Support, which also equips professionals, churches, and communities in caring for children impacted by adoption and/or foster care,” Show Hope Co-founder Mary Beth Chapman shared. “Our valued relationship with Dr. Purvis and the KPICD is integral in this work and our commitment to journey well with children, families, and communities.”

With an aim to help parents better understand their children’s unique history and needs, Show Hope launched its Pre+Post Adoption Support work, which also equips professionals, churches, and communities in caring for children impacted by adoption and/or foster care.

To learn more about Show Hope, visit their website:

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