TBRI® Animate

by Emmelie Pickett

“What is TBRI®?”

We are so pleased to present our newest video resource which answers that very question. The TBRI® Animate was created in collaboration with Cognitive story-telling and animation studio, most known for their work with RSA Animate. Using animation to share TBRI® was a dream of Dr. Purvis’s, and we are especially grateful to Producer/Writer of this project, Cynthia Hall, who cleverly and thoughtfully curated years of audio footage to allow this video to be narrated by Dr. Purvis herself. It is our hope that the TBRI® Animate will inspire parents and professionals across the world to bring deep healing to vulnerable children.


2 Responses to “TBRI® Animate”

  1. Lisa Boyd

    This is so informative and it can be easily applied. I had a friend that thought it easier to sneak away instead of telling her 1-year old that she was leaving. I tried to explain to her that this will make the child feel insecure. That it is important to tell a baby what you’re doing even though they might cry at that moment because later he’d look for her and feel lost and betrayed and then cry. She thought that because he was a baby, he wouldn’t understand– it’s up to us to give them that understanding.

  2. Leah

    This was very informative and wil be shared with my teachers. Thank you.

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