Remembering Dr. Purvis

by: Emmelie Pickett

It hardly seems possible that today marks two years since we lost Dr. Karyn Purvis, our beloved founder and Director. We remember Dr. Purvis with tears and smiles. Tears for the incredible person we dearly miss, and smiles for the supreme joy we have of carrying her work forward. What a gift she was to all of us, her colleagues at the Institute, which now bears her name.

While she is no longer here physically, her spirit is very much present in our work here at the Institute and in the work of like-minded individuals who are using TBRI® around the world.

We see her vision in the leadership of Dr. David Cross, who leads our Institute as Rees-Jones Director.

We see her selflessness in parents we meet who are caring for children from hard places.

We see her fierce determination in the court system as judges preside over foster care cases through a trauma-informed lens.

We see her optimism in our Child Development undergraduate students who dream of changing the world for children.

We see her tender heart in direct-care staff who use TBRI® to help children in residential care.

We see her brilliant mind in our Master of Developmental Trauma Students who study the impact of Complex Developmental Trauma and how to help children heal.

We see her passion in our Child Development alumni and camp buddies who take their TBRI® experience into their careers.

We see her gentleness in practitioners who help their clients cultivate their own trust-based relationships.

We see her bravery in children from hard places who are learning to trust the loving adults who care for them.

As we remember Dr. Purvis today, we’ve created these printable cards of some of our favorite “Karynisms” (as Dr. Cross calls them). We invite you to download and print these cards to use as reminders to connect with the children in your life.

Free Printable: Dr. Purvis Quote Cards

We’re so grateful for Dr. Purvis’s life and legacy and for the opportunity to continue her work.


5 Responses to “Remembering Dr. Purvis”

  1. susan simonson

    I could not download the printables? Can you provide another link?

  2. Tim & Galina Smith

    we have been impacted by the TBRI teaching. We’ve grown to love and appreciate Dr. Karyn even though we never met her in person, and we started learning about TBRI just around this time 2 years ago… so in many ways her memory is alive through the flames of hope her teaching inspired in many people. Like many, I remember her today with tears and smiles, and a lot of warmth in my heart.
    it was so special to meet the KPICD team last April during our TBRI training in Fort Worth. Thank you all for keeping her legacy.
    It is our privilege to host the first Empowered to Connect conference in the Atlantic Canada tomorrow, and we pray many people are impacted.
    Thinking of your team today also. may God bless you and comfort you all as you feel your loss
    Galina and Tim Smith

  3. Gail Biro

    Words can never do justice to decribe her fierce advocacy one child at a time and for children all over the world. She never shy away from giving hope and care to a child from the hardest places. She completely change how I see children’s behaviors and to always see their preciousness. I had the great honor of knowing her and spreading her work. Although, TBRI is supported by research and science; the most impressive evidence for me are the testimonials by parents whose life was forever changed as were their children as a result of TBRI. In my 32 years working im child welfare never have I had parent after parent send testimonials……this is the true evidence. Karyn Purvis, the seeds you planted are flourishing; I know you are watching proudly.

  4. Bronwyn Seay

    Karen taught me such a great way to connect with kids from hard places. I will always remember the gift she gave!

  5. Desmond Cameron

    I need all the help I can get with my child who is diagnosed with
    ADHD & ODD!

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